St. Louis Couple Who Defended Home Against BLM CHARGED WITH FELONIES

( Remember Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who defended their beautiful mansion home against violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists? They quickly went viral, with Democrats claiming that they were the aggressors and the media focusing on the fact that they were a white couple pointing their guns at a crowd that included black rioters.

The couple has faced a huge public backlash for exercising their Second Amendment right and defending their home, and in a horrific turn of events, far-left Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardener announced that they will face a felony charge for their “unlawful use of a weapon.” They will also face another misdemeanor charge for “fourth degree assault,” despite only using their guns to defend themselves from a gang of rioters who said they would destroy their home and murder their dog.

The impact of this decision is being felt all over the country, with millions of Americans concerned that they could face felony charges for defending themselves with guns. A right that is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

An attorney representing the couple described the decision as “disheartening” and told the media that no crime had been committed.

“I, along with my clients, support the First Amendment right of every citizen to have their voice and opinion heard,” Joel Schwartz said. “This right, however, must be balanced with the Second Amendment and Missouri law, which entitle each of us to protect our home and family from potential threats.”

The decision to charge the couple with felony charges is widely considered to be a political one, made by an activist Circuit Attorney who was elected with the help of George Soros funding.

The McCloskeys are guilty of defending themselves after hearing a gang of violent rioters break down the gate to their gated community and marching to their home. They said that they used a handgun and a long gun after they saw protesters break through the gate which was clearly labeled with a “No Trespassing” sign.

Where are we if it is illegal defend ourselves with guns? Is this the end of our Second Amendment rights?