Soros Org Pushes $250 MILLION Advertising Spree for Mail-In Voting

(PresidentialWire.Com)- George Soros has thrown his weight behind the push to implement mail-in voting in the United States through the Brennan Center for Justice. The campaign group is financed largely by Soros and is now pushing the Democrats to spend $250 million to advertise mail-in voting to Americans. The move comes as far-left Democrat lawmakers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gain mainstream traction in their push for implementing postal voting.

The Brennan Center announced a new $4 billion funding plan to change how Americans vote, following the coronavirus outbreak. The widespread abuse of postal voting systems all over the world means that Republicans are fearful of the potentially damaging effect implementing these measures could have on elections.

If you haven’t heard of the Brennan Center before, it’s a campaign group at the New York University School of Law that receives money from the Open Society Foundation and has also received several Open Society grants.

In the United Kingdom, postal voting is known for being abused regularly. In Tower Hamlets, a region of London, several instances of postal vote fraud were discovered in local council elections and resulted in a long, drawn-out legal battle. In the United States, instances of double voting were discovered in the California Democratic primary, courtesy of their mail-in voting system.

Mail-in voting poses a challenge because nobody can verify whether a ballot was filled in by the person it was intended for and whether it has been changed during transit. With traditional voting, at least in some parts of the country, ID is required for a person to vote. This ensures that the vote is entirely legitimate.

Democrats don’t seem too bothered about the potential implications, likely because voter fraud and double voting in the November election is more likely to help them beat Trump.

The Brennan Center is just one of several organizations pushing for “vote-by-mail” to be implemented in time for the November presidential election. Last month the group pledged $2 billion but doubled that funding to $4 billion last week because it “did not include the cost of ensuring the safety and security of the many other statewide and local elections that will occur throughout 2020.”

In short, Soros money is being spent on pushing a new voting system that could sway the November election.

The Brennan Center is specifically calling for a “universal vote-by-mail option for all voters,” and estimates that such a move would cost $89 million in printing ballots and almost $600 million in postage costs.