Soros-Backed Candidate Under Investigation

( A George Soros-backed US attorney is being looked into by the Department of Justice inspector general for breaking federal ethics regulations that prohibit public servants from engaging in political action and taking donations from outside organizations, the Associated Press reported on Monday.

Last summer, Massachusetts’s US attorney, Rachael Rollins, went to a DNC event in a suburb of Boston where Jill Biden was the featured speaker. Rollins probably broke the Hatch Act, which forbids political engagement by federal workers. Rollins may have violated the ethics code by attending a posh Hollywood event in June on the dime of a talent agency.

Following a heated hearing, the Senate decided to confirm Rollins in December 2021 along party lines. Republicans opposed her nomination because Rollins didn’t pursue cases involving theft, drug dealing, and property destruction. She has collaborated closely with a campaign to cut funding for the police.

Rollins responded that it did not matter if her attendance at the June benefit violated the Hatch Act. In July, the Republican senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton, asked Inspector General Michael Horowitz to look into Rollins’ “blatant breach” of the Hatch Act.

Rollins’ appearance at its annual conference in California was sponsored by Creative Artists Agency, a Hollywood talent agency. Employees are not permitted to accept travel-related payments by the Justice Department.

The Associated Press added that as part of the investigation, detectives had access to Rollins’ and some of her workers’ phone records. There are security concerns because Rollins reportedly used her phone for federal casework.

The Associated Press received confirmation from a Rollins spokesperson that the company is “completely working with the [inspector general’s probe.” Following the fundraiser in August, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel launched an inquiry into Rollins.

After Rollins pulled over and threatened to cite a driver she said cut her off in traffic, the Democratic attorney general of Massachusetts launched an investigation against her. Rollins implied that she might contact the police when a reporter questioned her about the event last year.

Rollins responded, “I’ll call the police, make an allegation against you, and we’ll see how that works with you.”

The attorney general’s office and a state ethics commission later cleared her of all charges.