Son of NATIVE AMERICAN Artist Who Drew Land O Lakes Logo SPEAKS OUT Against SJW Campaign

(PresidentialWire.Com)- Land O Lakes recently chose to retire its iconic logo, which included a drawing of a Native American woman called “Mia.” It’s been the image everyone associated with butter for 50 years, but social justice warriors recently initiated a campaign calling on the company to drop the logo.

Sadly, they did, and Land O Lakes has lost all connection to the native history of America.

Now, though, the son of the artist who drew the logo is speaking out against the injustice. It turns out that the man who drew Mia was a Native American himself, and a member of the Red Lake Ojibwe Nation. The drawing was done to reflect his heritage, and the attire she wears in the drawing is something real members of the Ojibwe nation wear.

Nothing about this drawing was a stereotype as the social justice warriors claimed, but that didn’t stop them campaign relentlessly until it was removed forever.

Writing in The Washington Post, Patrick Desjarlait’s son, Robert DesJarlait, explained how when his father redesigned the logo in the 1950s, he did so with an intention to “foster a sense of Indian pride.”

“With the redesign, my father made Mia’s Native American connections more specific,” his son explained. “He changed the beadwork designs on her dress by adding floral motifs that are common in Ojibwe art. He added two points of wooden shoreline to the lake that had often been depicted in the image’s background. It was a place any Red Lake Tribal citizen would recognize as the Narrows, where Lower Red Lake and Upper Red Lake meet.”

Despite going to all these efforts to celebrate Native American ancestry at a time when it was rarely celebrated, left-wing social justice warriors wiped this cultural heritage off the map forever.

Here’s what’s strange, though. Robert also said he supports the decision made by Land O Lakes, despite his father passionately believing in the design and its importance. He said in the Post that Native Americans shouldn’t be used on logos.

At the same time, he joked that the decision by Land O Lakes had “Got rid of the Indian and kept the land.”

So why did he support it?