Socialist Dictator Maduro NOT RECORDING CORONAVIRUS DEATHS According to Indigenous Leader

( Gladys Guaipo, the head of the Venezuelan National Assembly’s indigenous people’s committee, claimed on Tuesday that socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro isn’t properly recording deaths related to the Chinese coronavirus. Guaipo said that indigenous Venezuelans were left in “total abandon” and no resources are available to fight the virus in the country.

It may or may not surprise you, depending on how much you know about the history of socialist dictatorships.

Guaipo is the president of the Permanent Commission of Indigenous Peoples in the government’s federal lawmaking body, and it is not known whether he has put himself at risk by making the claims. Guaipo claimed that dictator Maduro effuses to count how many indigenous Venezuelans are being killed by the virus, meaning any data that comes out of the country is totally inaccurate.

With no resources to fight the virus, more people are likely to die, giving Maduro a reason to want to lower those death figures.

Interestingly, Venezuela’s federal government claims only ten people have died of the coronavirus, while hundreds of people are reported to have had and survived the virus. It’s significantly lower than the data coming in from its neighboring countries Brazil and Colombia. With Venezuela’s health system past the state of crisis, and completely incapable of treating people for even basic conditions, it’s extremely unlikely that the figures are anywhere close to being accurate.

The Venezuelan health care system sees pharmacies suffering constant shortages of more than 90% of the medications it needs to function.

“The grave situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our indigenous peoples,” Guiapo explained in a statement to the press. “This is in addition to the absence of medical assistance to these populations in total abandon, which presumed a systematic violation of human rights.”

A socialist dictator violating human rights? Surely not…

“The coronavirus is causing deaths among our Venezuelan Warao brothers and they are not including in national statistics,” he added.

The Warao people are native to Venezuela, particularly the northeastern region of the country. The Warao people have confirmed 40 cases of the virus infection among their people, who are exiled in Brazil.