Social Media Influencer Loses Battle To Breast Cancer

The courageous Nicky Newman passed away at 35 due to breast cancer.

The influencer deeply touched the hearts of the British public when she candidly shared her poignant journey post-diagnosis at merely 30 years old. It was a tale tinged with sorrow; in one harrowing week, she endured the pain of a miscarriage and was diagnosed with relentless metastatic breast cancer.

Her spouse, Alex, communicated their agonizing revelation through a message on Instagram, authentically drafted by Nicky. This touching note echoed her signature phrase: “Go grab life.”
The emotional message conveyed: “If you’re encountering this message, it signifies my time has ended. But I managed a solid five and a half years, quite a stretch for someone with stage 4, right? Let’s not say ‘she lost her battle’; I didn’t lose.

Cancer ultimately prevailed, and we always sensed its inevitability. We often live with a belief in our invincibility, hoping for a miraculous remedy. Yet, in reality, we traverse life daily, some of us with a more finite timeline. So, pledge to value every moment, embracing those you hold dear. Always remember to GO GRAB LIFE. The unpredictable nature of existence means we must cherish it.”

Expressions of condolences for Nicky have commenced, spearheaded by Stacey Solomon. She expressed, “Such brilliance, extinguished too soon. She was profoundly shattered. Nicky, your influence has been immeasurable. I vow to embrace life fully, treasuring every fleeting moment.”

Always candid about her struggle, Nicky’s initial diagnosis with breast cancer came over half a decade ago during her fertility treatments. She detected unusual changes in her breasts and experienced intense back pain.

The subsequent diagnosis confirmed the unforgiving metastatic breast cancer, which eventually migrated to her bones. Nicky recalled the early signs, noting an unusual lump, an inverted nipple, skin puckering, and a rash.

Despite seeking medical opinion in Surrey, she had an intrinsic sense of the looming adversity. She articulated in 2021, “I was already certain about my condition before any medical confirmation.”