Smith & Wesson Relocates To Gun-Friendly Tennessee

After relocating from Massachusetts to the more gun-friendly state of Tennessee, weapons maker Smith & Wesson celebrated the ceremonial opening of its new headquarters in Tennessee on Saturday.

A report indicates that guns have been made in Springfield, Massachusetts, since the middle of the nineteenth century, but new legislation may make that impossible, according to business representatives. Some of the nation’s harshest firearms regulations may be found in Massachusetts.

The company’s 2021 relocation plan included spending $125 million on a new 650,000-square-foot headquarters building in Maryville, Tennessee. On Saturday, they gave tours of the company’s new building.

A big audience attended the grand opening of Smith & Wesson’s new headquarters on Saturday to hear CEO and President Mark Smith speak.

Mark Smith, the CEO, said that cooperating with local politicians made the transfer go smoothly, and he praised Tennessee’s firearms rules as an incentive to set up shop there.

Smith added that he sees a bright future for Smith & Wesson for the next 170 years and that Tennessee really is a unique and wonderful place.

He said that working closely with the state government and the state’s hospitable regulatory climate were essential components of the relocation strategy. According to the corporation, hundreds of new jobs would be created at the new plant.

Job openings have recently been advertised at the company’s Maryville, Tennessee headquarters.

Recent years have seen Republican-led Tennessee try to relax gun laws. Most individuals over the age of 21 in the state are now authorized to carry concealed firearms without first obtaining a permit, which previously required passing a background check and receiving training at the state level.

According to their website, Smith & Wesson, headquartered in the United States, is a market leader in the gun industry. They provide the American consumer and law enforcement marketplaces, as well as the worldwide military and law enforcement clients, with a wide variety of high-quality rifles, accessories, and training.