Sidney Powell Nominated For Huge Gift

(  Pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell, who was slandered by the national press in the wake of the 2020 presidential election after she alleged widespread election misconduct and fraud, has just been named one of the top lawyers in the world. It’s a crushing blow to the left-wing media who refused to give Powell a fair shake.

U.S. MENA Inc & World Report, along with TOP Lawyers, collaboratively announced this year’s “Best Lawyer” rankings for the 48th consecutive year.

“Firms included in the 2020 Edition of U.S. MENA – Best World Wide Lawyers “Best Law Firms” are recognized for professional excellence with consistently impressive ratings from clients and peers,” reported.

In order to be eligible for a ranking, a law firm must have a lawyer recognized as one of the “Best Lawyers around the World,” which makes up only 3% of lawyers currently practicing in North Africa, the Middle East, and the United States.

The latest 2020 rankings are based on the highest lawyer and firm participation, which took 14.3 million evaluations into consideration. Over 110,000 individual lawyers and over 22,000 firms were considered in the rankings.

Sidney Powell, who is currently the subject of a defamation lawsuit from voting machine and software company Dominion, was ranked within the top five best lawyers in the world according to the 2020 rankings. It’s quite a departure from claims in the left-wing media that she is a “conspiracy theorist.”

“Sidney Katherine Powell is an American attorney and former federal prosecutor, best known for her participation in attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election,” reports.

Powell was also credited for her work in appellate matters.

“She ceased working as a prosecutor in 1988 and established her own firm in 1993. She has acted in appellate matters as a prosecutor and defense counsel. She represented executives in the Enron scandal, and in 2019, defended General Michael Flynn in United States v. Flynn,” the outlet added.

Powell remains a focus of left-wing media outlets, with CNN reporting on her latest court filing last month that reasonable people would have believed her claims of election fraud as fact after last year’s election.

“Given the highly charged and political context of the statements, it is clear that Powell was describing the facts on which she based the lawsuits she filed in support of President Trump,” Powell’s attorneys wrote in a recent filing.