Shady Swiss Billionaire Is Using Dark Money To Bankroll Democrats

( A report from The Washington Free Beacon claims that a billionaire from Switzerland is bankrolling one of the top “dark money” groups in the United States, which is also pushing heavily for President Joe Biden’s extremist “Build Back Better” plan.

Climate Power, which is one of the biggest groups advocating for Biden’s dangerous climate agenda – which would prematurely end the use of fossil fuels and force Americans to pay more for goods, services, and energy – has pitched itself as a normal advocacy group. But there’s more to it than that.

The organization’s advisory board includes former Senator Harry Reid, anti-election-security activist Stacey Abrams, and John Podesta. And the group also doesn’t technically exist as an independent organization – instead, it’s actually a front group for “Fund for a better Future.” This Democrat dark money group gives money to various Democrat campaigns without revealing the source of the cash.

Last year, Joe Biden spent more dark money on his campaign than any other president in history – several times more the dark money spent by the Trump campaign.

Hansjord Wyss, the Swiss health care mogul, has donated the majority of the group’s income since 2016. He has poured several hundreds of millions of dollars into the group and other dark money organizations and has faced intense criticism for not being upfront about where his money goes. The connection between. Climate Power and the Wyss-funded “Fund for a Better Future” has only just been revealed.

So, why is a Swiss billionaire helping American politicians advocate for an extremely damaging, radical, and unprecedented spending package that will force average Americans to pay more for gas, food, and more?