Seventeen House Republicans Call For Bipartisanship

(PresidentialWire)- As President Joe Biden calls for unity while signing highly partisan and extreme executive orders, freshman Republican members of Congress are offering their help to promote unity and work on a bipartisan basis over the next four years.

Let’s see CNN try and twist this one…

Some seventeen House Republicans who were all elected for the first time in November wrote a letter to the new president this week expressing their willingness to work with the Democrats on behalf of all Americans.

And it includes some names that the media has already attempted to smear as highly partisan.

“After two impeachments, lengthy inter-branch investigations, and, most recently, the horrific attack on our nation’s capital, it is clear that the partisan divide between Democrats and Republicans does not serve a single American,” the letter reads.

Can you ever imagine The Squad writing something like this? Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her gang of left-wing radicals in the Congress are currently pushing for President Biden to shift even further to the left and are supporting a second impeachment effort against President Donald Trump.

Republican Congressmen who signed the letter included Madison Cawthorn, the youngest House member and often a target of the left-wing press. It also includes Rep. Burgess Owens of Utah. Interestingly, two Republicans who voted to impeach the president joined with the likes of Cawthown – who supports President Donald Trump’s efforts to ensure election integrity. These were Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan and Rep. David Valadao of California.

“The constituencies we represent showcase the variety of thought across our great nation,” the letter adds. “From Texas to California and from Oklahoma to New York, Americans are tired of the Republican gridlock and simply want to see leaders from both sides of the aisle work on issues important to American families, workers, and businesses.”

The House Republicans said that they believe there is more that unites than divides Americans, and that in that spirit, they hope to “rise above the partisan fray to negotiate meaningful change for Americans across the nation and maintain the United States’ standing as the best country in the world.”

And while Republicans are working to work across the aisle, Democrats are trying to get their Republican colleagues thrown out of congress. A letter from 11 Democratic Party officials has already been published which calls for the expulsion of Rep. Cawthorn based on the lie that he endorsed or incited violence on Capitol Hill on January 6.

President Joe Biden has yet to respond to the letter and is reportedly planning another flurry of partisan executive orders that would undo the hard work done by the Trump administration over the last four years.