Senator Tom Cotton Reveals Details Of Indoctrination Plot

( Senator Tom Cotton unveiled the horrific indoctrination taking place in the United States military under the Biden administration, telling the stories of several whistleblowers from in the military who recently explained how they are being taught to hate American values and history, and adopt new “woke” policies.

Among those woke politics, according to Cotton, is a program encouraging racial segregation.

Cotton made the revelations during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing last Friday, detailing how hundreds of people are coming forward from the U.S. military to warn about a “very specific kind of anti-American indoctrination” currently taking place.

It’s almost as though the Democrats know that the U.S. military is one of the hardest groups of people to convince on their woke social policies, and so they’re getting started on it as quickly as they can…

“I have received, along with Congressman Crenshaw, several hundred whistleblower complaints about Pentagon extremist and diversity training,” Cotton said during the hearing.

It makes sense, too. The Biden administration overturned President Donald Trump’s ban on teaching Critical Race Theory in government institutions on the first day Biden became president, and since then, government institutions have quickly adopted the theory into their training.

Critical Race Theory teaches that white people are inherently racist, no matter what they say, believe, or do.

Cotton said this straight to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s face, describing how in one story from a whistleblower, members of a wing were ordered to separate themselves according to gender and race.

He also described how members of the military told stories of how they were made to go on “privilege walks,” and that there is “plummeting morale” and “growing mistrust” between the sexes and races, which didn’t exist six months ago.

Another story, he said, involved a Marina who said that military history training sessions were replaced with mandatory training on white privilege, systemic racism, and police brutality.

Can you believe this is going on in the military?

Not only that, but one service member said that their unit was forced to read Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility” book, which promotes the conspiracy theory that all white people are racist and can never not be racist.

Austin didn’t have anything to say about it, of course, and instead said that “diversity, equity and inclusion” were at the top of the agenda for The Pentagon.

Let’s hope the military fights back…