Security Adviser Promises Further Action In Middle East

While acknowledging that other developments will occur in the Middle East, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan clarified on CNN that the US was not seeking a broader conflict.

The United States launched retaliatory attacks on Iraq and Syria in early February in response to a drone assault on American forces in Jordan on January 28. Sullivan spoke on State of the Union to address this matter. According to Sullivan, the strategy is to reply forcefully and clearly without resorting to war, and the technique used was simple.

According to Sullivan, the president has taken a simple stance on the matter.  The US will react forcefully if our soldiers are threatened. Also, the US is not seeking a broader conflict in the Middle East. Sullivan made it clear that they had no intention of leading the US to war.

The U.S. targeted terrorist organizations supported by Iran on Friday in retaliation for the drone assault that killed three American service members on January 28. The reaction was verified by U.S. Central Command, which said that aircraft, including long-range bombers, targeted over 85 targets.

According to Defense.Gov, Georgia’s Spc. Breonna Alexsondria Moffett, Sgt. William Jerome Rivers, and Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders were killed.  The three were sent to Fort Moore, Georgia, to serve in the  926th Engineer Brigade, 926th Engineer Battalion, and 718th Engineer Company, as the Department of Defense reported.

Reports show a total of eight soldiers were sent to a German military facility for medical treatment. Three of them are expected to be seen at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.  There have been reports of injuries among at least 40 of the 350 personnel sent to the clandestine Tower 22 facility in Jordan.

The first round of American retribution was reportedly launched after the attack targeted Iran’s militia and other entities linked to it. U.S. and British forces launched a second attack recently, targeting locations in Yemen under Houthi control, after the first strike.