Secret Service Reveals It DID Warn Of Threats Days Before January 6th, But Were Ignored

( Documents that were just revealed show that the U.S. Secret Service sent warnings to the Capitol Police of possible violent threats one day before the attacks on the U.S. Capitol building.

An email was sent on January 6 from the account of the Protective Intelligence Operations Center to someone at the Capitol Police. The email informed the recipient of a tip that a “concerned citizen” sent to the Denver Field Office about people flying into Washington, D.C., to “attend tomorrow’s rally and ‘incite violence.'”

The liberal watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics and Washington, obtained the email and shared it with media outlet Politico.

The email was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act filing. It read:

“Per our Denver Field Office, a concerned citizen reported that [REDACTED] were flying into BWI today to attend tomorrow’s rally and ‘incite violence.’ In addition, the source reports that [REDACTED] previously made threats against President-Elect Biden.

“The subjects claimed that they are in the area to protest election fraud, support President Trump, and acknowledged the possibility of violence if approached by counter-protesters.”

The person who sent the tip also said people were bringing “gear and weapons” with them to the nation’s capital. The email continued:

“The source also reported that [REDACTED] was driving to DC with gear and weapons, to include ballistic helmets, armored gloves and vests, rifles, and suppressors. The items are reported to be loaded in ‘black plastic tubs with paster locks.”

Yet another email was sent from the Secret Service to the PIOC regarding some threats that were made on Parler, the alternative social media platform, against members of the D.C. Police department.

There were multiple posts on the platform, apparently, all violent and threatening in nature.

In response to this information getting out, the Capitol Police released a statement to media outlet The Hill. It said the department received information on January 5 from law enforcement agencies about threats that were pointed out in the emails.

The department then released a “be on the lookout” advisory for the person who sent the messages. The statement further said:

“On January 5, we received information from law enforcement agencies about the threats identified in the e-mails and we acted on the information– putting out a BOLO (be on the lookout) for the person who made the threats.”

Capitol Police said it received no intelligence in advance of the January 6 attacks that made them think the pro-Donald Trump rally “would become a large-scale attack.”

The statement continued:

“Furthermore, based on all the intelligence the USCP received before January 6, we were aware of the potential for violence from some demonstrators. Based on the intelligence, the Department enhanced its security posture. However, no one’s intelligence revealed the large-scale demonstration would become a large-scale attack.”

Still, these newly-revealed emails show concern that there were significant failures of intelligence leading up to the January 6 attacks.