Secret Service Agents For Biden Replaced After Worries They Might Be Too Pro-Trump

( The United States Secret Service is reportedly deploying agents who previously worked on Joe Biden’s campaign protection team to work with the former vice president as he transitions to the White House. Reports suggest that the decision to replace existing protection agents came after those currently tasked with protecting him were deemed too pro-Trump.

A Biden spokesperson told Fox News that they had “no comment” on the matter – of course they didn’t – but according to a report from the Washington Post, at least two members of Biden’s campaign security detail will be replacing the pro-Trump agents.

Let’s be honest, if you are trained security detail working for the Secret Service, you probably won’t fit the profile of a Democrat or a Biden voter…

Darry Volpicelli will become the second-in-command for Biden’s new detail, and Brian McDonough will take on the role of senior detail supervisor.

Isn’t it amazing that Democrats really think that United States Secret Service agents might not do their job properly if they support the opposing candidate? Tells you all you need to know about Joe Biden…

The current second-in-command for President Donald Trump, David Cho, is also set to become the special agent in charge of Biden’s security detail.

Assuming he does become the next president on January 20, that is.

The decision to replace the “pro-Trump” security detail for Biden with agents that also previously worked with Biden during his time as vice president has already sparked left-wing conspiracy theories on Twitter.

Some users even suggested that security agents who worked with Trump cannot be trusted and that they would put Biden in danger.

It’s fairly common for security reassignments to occur, but bizarre for a Democrat to claim that existing detail is too supportive of a Republican. It’s bizarre because agents perform their duty without favor or bias.

Catherine Milhoan, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, told the Washington Post that the agency is “uniquely authorized to provide protection to designated U.S. and other world leaders and remains steadfastly dedicated to a standard of excellence in those operations, wholly apolitically and unaffiliated with the political parties of protectees.”

Maybe someone should tell Joe Biden that.