Sean Hannity Says Milley Could Be Investigated For Leaking Information

( In response to the explosive Senate hearing this week with President Biden’s military leaders, Fox News host Sean Hannity took a blowtorch to both President Joe Biden and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley during his opening monologue Tuesday night.

Hannity said that the Senate testimony caught President Biden in another “blatant lie” when he told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that none of his military advisors recommended he keep a military presence in Afghanistan. Then Hannity pointed out that it wasn’t even the only Biden lie exposed in their testimony.

He also asserted that the president was “less truthful” about America’s anti-terror capabilities as well as the likelihood of a government collapse in Afghanistan, which Hannity attributed to Biden’s desire to spike the football on ending America’s longest war.

Then Hannity set his sights on General Milley, for admitting in his testimony that he went behind President Trump’s back when he contacted China to give them a heads up if Trump attempted a military attack. Hannity expressed disgust that Milley, in his testimony, actually tried to defend what he did.

Hannity then blasted Milley for sitting down and talking to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa as they were writing their anti-Trump book “Peril.”

Calling out Milley for defending his decision to speak with Woodward and Costa, Hannity accused Milley of gossiping “like a mean girl in high school” to every reporter in DC while at the same time telling the Senators that he can’t disclose to them the conversations he has with President Biden.

Hannity asked why General Milley would be “leaking and gossiping” in the first place.

After hearing his testimony earlier that day, Hannity said it was clear that General Milley either needs to resign or be fired. What’s more, he argues that Milley “needs to be investigated” – not just for the leaks, but also for trying to “usurp the power of the President” when he had those communications with China and with Nancy Pelosi, and for “this botched withdrawal from Afghanistan” which Hannity believes Milley is at least partially responsible for.

Watch Hannity’s monologue HERE.