Scientists Reveal Extraterrestrial Origins Of Ancient Artifact

Early in February, an article was released detailing the finding of an alien Bronze Age relic.

Research published in a Spanish periodical detailed a discovery from a Bronze Age trove found in Spain in 1963 that was made of iron that had been extracted from a meteorite. According to LiveScience, the trove includes a variety of artifacts, including bowls, bottles, and jewelry crafted from gold, silver, amber, and iron.

The study’s author, Ignacio Montero Ruiz, told the outlet that the link between iron and gold is significant because of the high symbolic and social importance of both materials. In this instance, it’s likely that the artifacts were a community’s buried treasure rather than an individual’s. During this time in history, the Iberian Peninsula did not have any kingdoms.

The artifacts generated a great deal of consternation among archaeologists upon their first examination after their discovery in an Alicante gravel pit. The metal fragments were said to be black and lead in color. It has a ferrous-looking oxide covering that is primarily fractured, and there are parts where it shines, according to the Spanish source.

However, the most recent examinations have shown that two of the objects include fragments of a meteorite that struck Earth around one million years ago.  After that, somewhere between 1400 and 1200 B.C., someone fashioned the stones onto a bracelet and a hollow ball that would have adorned the top of a sword’s handle.

The study states that they are the earliest meteoritic iron items discovered in the Iberian Peninsula, but scientists still don’t know who made them or where they came from.

The majority of bronze-age jewelry is really gold, despite the name. Among the several metals used to create jewelry throughout the Bronze Age, gold stood out for its relative ease of working with. Gold has a deep, rich hue and is malleable. It can be shaped, carved, flattened, and resistant to wear and tear. Craftspeople in the metalworking industry mastered the art of shaping molten gold into a variety of jewelry pieces, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and collars