Schumer To Ram Through “Voting Rights” Bill

( Last week, in a letter to his caucus, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that the Senate would vote this Wednesday to begin debate on the Democrats’ bill to federalize US elections.

Whining about Republican states passing voter integrity and election security laws, which Schumer claimed are “regressive and subversive,” the New York Democrat claimed the “Freedom to Vote Act” would “right the ship of our democracy” by establishing “common-sense national standards.”

What nonsense.

There is nothing “common sense” about violating the Constitution which gives each state the power to determine its own elections.

Then again, Schumer isn’t going to come out and say “We want to make sure Democrats can continue to cheat.”

Schumer also vowed that the negotiations over the onerous and over-bloated $3.5 trillion welfare spending bill would continue as Democrats struggle to come up with a final version that meets the demands of its far-Left wing and the moderate Democrats who are terrified its passage will destroy them in the Midterms.

Schumer urged Democrats to “put aside our differences and find the common ground” needed to pass this unpopular tax and spend monstrosity, warning that not everyone was going to get what “he or she wants.”

And while he might schedule a vote on the “Freedom to Vote Act,” it is unlikely Schumer will get the ten Republicans needed to avoid a filibuster on the legislation. The last time Democrats tried to move ahead on federalizing elections, Senate Republicans successfully blocked it. No doubt they will do the same on Wednesday. When it comes to preventing a federal takeover of elections, Senate Republicans remain steadfast in their opposition.

No matter how Democrats may try to frame it, the purpose of the “Freedom to Vote Act” is to make a one-size-fits-all election law that would nullify existing election laws in every state. It is wholly unconstitutional and Republicans are wise to oppose it.

Democrats, however, fearful that laws preventing fraud and bolstering election security will hurt their chances of gaming the system, are willing to blow up the filibuster to force this garbage bill through.

Problem is, Joe Manchin is standing in their way. While he supports federalizing elections, the West Virginia Democrat remains opposed to getting rid of the filibuster in order to pass it Instead, he is trying to work with Republicans to gain bipartisan support for a bill designed to make sure Republicans never win another election.

His efforts are unlikely to succeed.