School Orders Ban Of LGBT And BLM Flags For Being Political

( BLM and LGBT flags have been outlawed by a Wisconsin school, which claims they convey “political propaganda” that has no place in educational institutions.

According to reports, the Kettle Moraine School district in Wisconsin’s school board voted to ensure that staff members would “not have political flags or religious propaganda in their classroom or on their person.”

The board decided to uphold a rule of conduct that forbids educators from using their position to further partisan ideologies or religious beliefs for their own financial or non-financial benefit.

As a result of the vote, gay pride banners, the Black Lives Matter logo, MAGA messages, and “back the blue” speech will all be prohibited.

If the precedent spreads across the country, it might be the end of the careers of innumerable far-left instructors who have used the TikTok app to brag about how they utilize such symbols to brainwash pupils in their classes.

Reports show that Christine Donahoe, an American Civil Liberties Union attorney, ridiculously claimed that the vote represented “targeted attacks on specific viewpoints, such as LGBT communities or welcome and safe spaces for students of color,” despite the fact that all political messaging, left or right, has been banned.

Left-wing students and activists decried the vote, stating that allowing BLM and LGBT propaganda creates a “safe place” for kids.
However, it appears that white pupils are increasingly being discriminated against.
Social media platforms displayed a viral video from the University of Virginia in 2020 showing a black student asking that white people leave the campus diversity center because there were just too many white people in the room.

According to local reports, a private housing co-op near UC Berkeley recently prohibited white visitors from entering communal areas without the agreement of other tenants.
According to the leaked house rules list, many people of color (POC) members relocated here to avoid white aggression and presence, so they demand respect for their decision if someone brings in white guests.
It’s sort of hilarious that white leftists are encouraging gullible blacks back into segregation. But this time, on black people’s terms, of course. *wink*.