Sarah Palin Is Using Tactics From Trump’s Playbook

( During her appearance at CPAC in Dallas earlier this month, Alaska congressional candidate, former Governor Sarah Palin blasted the state’s new ranked-choice voting system.

Calling it a “bizarre system,” Palin said with ranked-choice voting, getting the most votes doesn’t matter. What does matter, she explained, was if a candidate has more second- and third-place votes.

She described the process as “bizarre,” “convoluted,” and “complicated,” and said that ultimately, it leads to “voter suppression.”

She urged the crowd not to support the implementation of ranked-choice voting in their states.

Palin came in first in the special election primary to replace the late Congressman Don Young who died earlier this year. The winner of that special election will serve out the remainder of Young’s term.

The other candidates in the special election are Republican businessman Nick Begich III and Democrat Mary Peltola. The fourth candidate, Independent Al Gross, withdrew from both the special election and the 2022 midterm primary.

Palin is also running in the 2022 midterm primary to serve a full term in the House beginning in January 2023.

Under ranked-choice voting, voters rank their candidates in the order of preference rather than selecting just one. The last-place candidates are then eliminated and the subsequent choices of their voters then go to their next-ranked choice.

This process continues through as many rounds as it takes until one of the candidates reaches over 50 percent and is declared the winner.

A recent survey found that Palin was trailing her two special election rivals as voters’ first choice.

Former President Trump endorsed Palin and she is the candidate with the highest name recognition. However, her approval in the state remains rather low.

Watch Palin’s entire speech at CPAC HERE.