SAF Group Will Litigate If Trump’s Gun Rights Revoked

Former President Donald Trump is the owner of a concealed carry gun permit in his home state of New York, just like many other Americans. However, he is now also a convicted felon, as of May 31st, Trump was found guilty on all 34 charges of falsifying business documents. The United States government withholds a strict system of requirements on which individuals can possess a concealed carry weapon permit, especially those with felonies on their records. It seems as though Trump’s new felony charge could interfere with his concealed carry permit as the NYPD has reportedly been preparing to revoke Trump’s permit following his recent conviction. However, gun rights supporters such as the Second Amendment Foundation have vowed to stand up for Trump’s gun rights and take legal action if necessary. 

This past Wednesday the reports came in of the NYPD revoking Trump’s permit. The progressive news outlet CNN stated that Trump’s concealed carry permit was suspended in April of 2023, which was around the time of Trump’s initial indictment of the charges. The New York Times reported that the NYPD is currently investigating the matter and is anticipating the annulment of the permit once the investigation ends. The New York Times also stated however that Trump does have the right to challenge the annulment. 

The Second Amendment Foundation, or SAF, had gotten the news of the matter and has stepped in to support Trump and his rights as a gun owner. This past Thursday, the foundation stated that they would take legal action against the NYPD on Trump’s behalf should his permit be revoked. SAF founder Alan Gottlieb stated that Trump has no previous history of violent crimes and that as a part of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the former president should not lose his permit. Gottlieb added that there has been no history of someone being denied a gun permit over a conviction such as Trump’s