Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ Star Shares Faith-Filled Message

Melissa Joan Hart, who played Sabrina the Teenage Witch, has spoken about how prayer has strengthened her faith and recounted a Holy Spirit encounter she calls her “born again” experience.

Hart said she did go through a Holy Spirit born-again moment in an interview with the Christian Post. She said she had a hard time wrapping her head around the Holy Spirit and the Trinity. One day, while in Bible study, it seemed like the Holy Spirit opened her eyes suddenly. The Holy Spirit was speaking to her, and she finally understood it. It was as though she was struck by lightning.

The actress also discussed how her family has been impacted by her work with World Vision in Zambia, an organization that works to bring clean water and supplies to those in need.

Hart, her husband, and their three sons have returned from a trip to Africa, where they met with several low-income families, including the one they’ve been sponsoring for years in Zambia.

Hart and her family reportedly relocated from California to Tennessee in 2020 so that she could take her children to church on Sundays. In addition to her dedication to acting, the actress has spent the previous 13 years participating in a Community Bible Study program.

To be reborn, what does that entail?

It’s clear that Jesus isn’t referring to a literal physical rebirth in John 3:3-6. He’s describing an emerging yearning, an inner shift.

According to a writer at Active Christianity, before he was born again, he followed his baser instincts and desires of the flesh. But Christ’s life is what he is called to, and his fleshly wants failed to get him there. He had to forego his pride, power, and obstinacy in favor of following the Spirit’s guidance in order to see God’s purpose carried out.

Only then can one realize that the Holy Spirit makes all things possible.