Russian Ally Says WWIII Might Be Coming

( A pro-Vladimir Putin propagandist warned that if Russia loses the conflict in Ukraine, there will be a third world war.

The head of RT, Margarita Simonyan, predicted that if Kyiv reclaimed Crimea, which Russia occupied in 2014, a significant new confrontation might break out.

She said in the eyes of the West and Ukraine, Russia’s success indicates that Russia will keep at least part of its possessions, including Crimea. They think Ukraine ought to get everything. They would also be comfortable in Donbas, the Kherson region, Zaporizhzhia, and Crimea. Alternatives don’t work for them.

“World War 3 doesn’t suit them either,” she remarked.

Later, she added: “Either World War III breaks out sooner or later, or we succeed in the manner we define success. I can’t think of another option.”

The tweets posted on Saturday, November 3, by Julia Davis, the founder of the Russian Media Monitor, have been viewed more than 267,100 times.

Following an order signed by Putin on September 30, Russia annexed four regions of Ukraine. Residents there were alleged to have voted resoundingly in favor of joining the country.

However, the process has been referred to as a “sham” by the U.S. State Department and most Western leaders.

Except for Crimea, none of the areas Russia acquired are entirely under its control as Ukrainian forces continue to advance further east.

The Ukrainian capital of Kyiv had been seized by Russian forces, according to Simonyan, who also denied Putin would use a tactical nuclear weapon there.

She said this is completely disregarded for several reasons. The second reason is that they had defeated Kyiv during the first week, so it makes no sense and wouldn’t do anything. Everywhere else, including Hostomel (a city in the larger Kyiv region), “we were already there,” she claimed.

“We essentially took it, yes? They are horrified that they were told to leave, and I know the military who were there.”

She said that since March, “we have been at war with the West rather than Kyiv. Since Kyiv is home to our holy places, it is completely ruled out that we ever bomb the city.”