Russia Unveils New Nuclear Strategy In War With Ukraine 

( According to the official publication of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Moscow is working on a new military strategy that will include nuclear weapons to deter any future invasion from the United States. 

After a string of provocative statements by Russian political elites, the journal Voennaya Mysl (Military Thinking) published the piece. 

Russian state television hosts and guests have openly discussed Moscow’s nuclear arsenal and advocated for attacking western nations supporting Ukraine in its battle against Russian aggression. The military magazine article adds fuel to the fire by claiming the United States planned to attack Russia to regain global preeminence. 

Experts in the Russian military want to use Russia’s nuclear weapons to discourage what they see as U.S. aggression used for strategic deterrence. 

The article, written by a retired colonel who was once deputy commander of Russia’s strategic missile forces, argued that to defeat the “American aggressor,” modern strategic offensive and defensive, nuclear and non-nuclear weapons, taking into account the latest military technologies, would be required. 

This would demonstrate that the United States cannot disable Russia’s nuclear missile capability and protect itself from retaliation. 

To reevaluate what nuclear arsenals NATO partners have, Russian President Vladimir Putin said last month that Moscow would suspend the New START pact, the final remaining nuclear weapons control deal with the U.S. 

According to the New START agreement, the United States and Russia may have no more than 700 missiles and bombers in their arsenals at any time. Obama and his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, signed it in 2010. 

Now that he is the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, Medvedev has made more provocative statements on his Telegram channels, in which he threatens to use nuclear weapons. 

His latest salvo was published in Izvestia, arguing that “everyone loses” if the West keeps providing weaponry to Kyiv. 

A nuclear war may wipe out all memory of “life that existed before,” he said, until “smoky debris stops to produce radiation.”