Royal Family Member Diagnosed With Cancer

Sarah Ferguson said she nearly missed her doctor’s appointment, which ultimately led to her discovery of breast cancer.

In a recent segment of her podcast, Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah, the 63-year-old revealed in detail how she had given her diagnosis. Ferguson claims that her sister, Jane Ferguson Luedecke, insisted that she get examined for cancer.

She said her Australian sister told her to “get on with it” after Ferguson considered getting a mammogram. She realized her sister was right.

She said she procrastinated because it was a bank holiday, and she didn’t feel like going to London. A common excuse, she noted, is “ I’ll do it next week.”

She reflected on her sister’s words, which finally prompted her to seek medical attention.

“Go! Get out of here!,” is what she said.

Ferguson thanked Jane for contributing to her diagnosis by getting a breast X-ray. 

She pondered on her health and thanked the doctors and nurses at London’s Royal Free NHS Hospital for their “amazing work” in diagnosing and treating her cancer.

The Mayo Clinic notes that there are several methods for identifying cancer, including a CT scan, laboratory testing, and a patient’s medical history. Women between 50 and 74 should get breast cancer screening mammography every two years, as the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommends.

The Duchess, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, was diagnosed with breast cancer on Sunday, June 25th, according to a representative.

The Duchess has access to top-tier medical treatment, and her physicians have given her a positive prognosis.

In another part of the audio broadcast, Ferguson discussed her impending mastectomy for breast cancer treatment. 

She emphasized the significance of talking about her health, citing the example of her father, Ronald Ferguson, who was very vocal about his battle with cancer in the 1990s. 

She urged her audience to take advantage of annual screening and checkup opportunities.