Rose McGowan DESTROYS Democrats On Last Night of Convention

( Rose McGowan, Hollywood actress and one of the most prominent members of the #MeToo movement, doesn’t fit the mold. Rather than blindly supporting the Democrats just because they aren’t Trump, the former “Charmed” actress is slamming them for being hypocrites.

On the final day of the Democratic National Convention, McGowan slammed the Democrats for failing to achieve anything for the people they claim to represent. In a series of Twitter posts, she labeled Biden the “season of darkness,” in reference to the speech he made.

“You are monsters. You are frauds. You are the lie,” she said.

Some twenty minutes after her first post, she ripped into the Democrats and asked what they have done to people of color, to solve police brutality, or to help single mothers.

“Why did people vote Trump? Because of your mother*ckers,” she added.

Many of you reading this probably support the president, but her point is valid. President Trump has even said it himself recently, claiming that the reason he is in office now is because President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden failed so miserably during their time in office.

McGowan has faced significant backlash from Democrats who claim she is just helping Trump get re-elected, but McGowan refuses to be cowed by extremists on her side of the political aisle. Which is admirable, right?

“And if you can’t see that I’m dragging everyone to force them to be better & hold them accountable then you are delusional,” she said.

Well, she has a point. Radical leftists seem to have zero principles when it comes to the Democratic Party. Biden is an old white man who has been accused of being sexually inappropriate with women for decades. And yet, radical leftists and feminists are supporting him in an effort to become one of the most powerful people in the world.

You couldn’t make it up, could you? Keep at it, Rose!