Room Cracks Up Maxine Waters’ Crazy Claim

( When a Republican pressed Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) to denounce communist leaders, she unexpectedly brought bizarre humor to a House Rules Committee hearing.

The committee discussed a Republican-introduced resolution that called for denouncing the horrors of socialism.

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) questioned Waters, who claimed that the resolution was a waste of time because the biggest threat to our “democracy” was the 2021 Capitol uprising, in which a crowd of alleged Trump supporters attempted to upend the results of the presidential election.

Reschenthaler noted that Waters wouldn’t condemn socialism, and the fact that this isn’t being supported says everything about his friends across the aisle.

Reschenthaler told Waters she mentioned Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Xi in her opening remarks.  He asked what they all shared in common.

“Trump” was the reply from Waters.

Reschenthaler was among those who laughed.

He remarked that it was quite the intellectual leave. He said he would say Communism. He asked Waters if she would mind denouncing any communist authorities.

Reports show Waters refused and presented a piece of paper instead.  She started out by quoting from a speech in which Trump made light of Kim’s letters to him by joking with the audience. But Waters took it literally.

Maxine Waters has a history of odd behavior and offensive remarks.

According to reports, at a 2004 pro-abortion march, Waters famously remarked that she had to march because her mother couldn’t have an abortion.

According to Real Clear Politics, Maxine Waters called for people to congregate outside Republican homes at night during a protest in June 2018. She chanted, ‘no peace, no sleep, no peace, no sleep!’

Waters wasn’t concerned if any listeners thought that being deprived of sleep for a prolonged period was a war crime because she told the crowd that “God is on our side.”

Election denier Waters occasionally shouts that Russians interfered with the 2016 US election.

In 2016, she remarked Russians hacked into our election because they had to make sure that Donald Trump got elected “to take over these Soviet countries and pull ’em back into the Soviet Union.”