Ron DeSantis Vows To Sue Joe Biden

( Popular Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis vowed on Thursday to take legal action against the Biden administration after the White House announced that it would implement a vaccine mandate that forces companies with more than 100 employees to make those employees take the COVID-19 vaccine.

DeSantis, whose state has the third-lowest number of infections per 100,000 people, said that he was “offended” by the plan and that it could wind up destroying jobs in the state.

He told a press conference that he won’t allow Biden to come in and effectively take away, or threaten to take away, the jobs of many Floridians who have been “working hard throughout this entire pandemic.”

DeSantis stressed that it is offensive that police officers could lose their jobs for not wanting to take a vaccine that they, quite frankly, may not even need.

The Florida governor added that he has a responsibility to do whatever he needs to do, at a state level, to protect the people of his state from mandates that “could result in them losing their jobs.”

He announced that any lawsuits filed by the state opposing the new mandate will be filed in the 11th United States Circuit Court of Appeals.

“I just think its fundamentally wrong to be taking people’s jobs away particularly given the situation that we see ourselves facing with the economy where you need people in a lot of these key areas,” DeSantis said in reference to the countless essential workers in Florida who stayed at work every day during the pandemic without the “protection” of the vaccine.

He also made the point that hospitals that need more nurses could lose out on staff, should nurses and doctors refuse to take the vaccine – as is their right.

If only there were more governors like Ron DeSantis.

We’ll update you with any news of any lawsuits filed.