Ron DeSantis Unveils His New Logo

According to a report, a logo or a banner for the DeSantis campaign has been introduced. The image and video of the logo can be seen at the link above.

In the wake of filing the necessary papers to become a contender for president against former president Donald Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been criticized for the logo welcoming users to his official website.

At the time of his appearance on Twitter with the platform’s creator Elon Musk, his campaign website was just a dark picture depicting an alligator in the swamp.

The logo appears to be a reference to Mr. DeSantis’ home state of Florida, but people on Twitter immediately mocked the logo as portraying a creature of “ the Swamp”  that former President Trump utilized much of the 2016 campaign pledging to drain in reference to Washington, DC, and railing against the “deep state.”

DeSantis’s Twitter profile included the same alligator photo.

Nick Sortor said on Twitter that he was doing his best to stay neutral for the time being, but using a swamp creature for the campaign was quite a misstep. 

Another Twitter user called it the biggest blunder so far.

Commentator and former Florida Republican candidate Laura Loomer tweeted that she was amazed at how sh*tty DeSantis’ instincts were. She asked if he was admitting that he was a swamp creature. 

Someone on Twitter stated that right before announcing his run for president, DeSantis switched his Twitter header to the swamp creature.  You can’t make this up.

According to reports, an aide of Former President Donald Trump told Fox News that announcing on Twitter was ideal for Ron DeSantis because he doesn’t have to engage with those around him, and the media can’t ask questions.

DeSantis’ lack of appeal and ability to directly connect with people is seen as one of his vulnerabilities compared to the past president, who is over thirty years his senior.

DeSantis has been called a “swamp creature” in the latest advertisement from the Trump campaign.