Ron DeSantis Tops 2024 Poll, Even Beating Trump

( A Presidential Straw Poll conducted during this past weekend’s Western Conservative Summit showed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis edging past former President Donald Trump as the favorite in 2024.

DeSantis led the Straw Poll with 74.12% approval. Trump, had the second highest approval at 71.43%. Far behind in third place was Ted Cruz (42.86%) followed by Mike Pompeo (39.35%). And Senator Tim Scott rounded out the top five with 35.58% approval.

The bad news was for former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Haley hopes to throw her hat into the ring no doubt as the Jeb! of the 2024 presidential race. Her approval was a paltry 19.14%. The only Republican to rank lower was CNN contributor John Kasich (0.81%). Poor Kasich got beat out by “None of the Above” (1.08%).

In many ways DeSantis’ high approval is hardly surprising. Since becoming Florida’s Governor, the firebrand Republican has been unwavering in advancing an America First Agenda – racking up win after win against China, Big Tech, and radical Leftism.

On Sunday, conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter decided to run his own poll on Twitter between DeSantis and Trump. With over twenty-one thousand votes, DeSantis edged out Trump 50.1% to 45.7%.

Before running his poll, Schlichter cited the Western Conservative Summit Straw Poll and tweeted “I am noticing a lot of conservatives whose view is ‘We love ya Mr. President, but we’re going in a different direction on 2024,’” adding “I don’t think President Trump runs again.”

For his part, Governor DeSantis remains cagey about a possible 2024 run – saying his only focus is getting reelected in 2022.

The Western Conservative Summit also polled attendees on what they believed to be the most important issues facing the country. Unsurprisingly, immigration and election integrity topped the list. Rounding out the top five issues were religious freedom, the federal debt and gun rights.

Meanwhile, two top priorities for the Left — “Diversity & Equity” and Climate Change — were way down at the bottom.

The Western Conservative Summit, which was held in Denver, was targeted by Antifa who harassed attendees coming and going from the Denver Hyatt Regency where the Summit took place. Despite the harassment, Denver police said no arrests were made.