Ron DeSantis Shows Anti-Migrant Policies Reduced Medicaid Costs

As new statistics reveal that the state’s Medicaid expenditure on illegal immigrants has declined substantially, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is hailing accomplishments in his quest to ensure Florida is not a tempting destination for illegal aliens.

According to statistics acquired from the states, Medicaid for immigrants received 160 million dollars in federal and state money in FY 2022–2023.

As part of a bill that DeSantis signed into law in May 2023, hospitals are now obligated to inquire about patients’ immigration status in order to compile statistics on the expenses associated with treating illegal immigrants.

The amount of money utilized for Florida’s Emergency Medical Assistance program, as shown in May, has decreased to $67 million so far in FY 23-24, a decrease of more than 50%. 

Among the measures included in the Florida bill are the following: increased funding for a transportation program to relocate illegal aliens to sanctuary states, a prohibition on non-governmental organizations and local governments giving identification cards to the aliens, and the suspension of business licenses of companies employing them.  There are no sanctuary cities in Florida.

Because the state is now required by law to inquire about patients’ immigration status at the time of their hospital visit, Medicaid spending has dropped by half. The government is deploying soldiers to Texas to combat illegal immigration, strengthening enforcement along the coast of southern Florida, and transferring people to locations like Martha’s Vineyard. It is unlawful for Florida to recognize driver’s licenses issued to illegal aliens from other states.

Mass. Gov. Maura Healey dispatched officials to the border last week to inform illegal migrants that the state’s shelter system is at capacity and cannot accommodate more arrivals.  In response to the situation, Healey issued a State of Emergency proclamation last year.

Some cities, including Boston, Chicago, and New York, have petitioned the federal government for more resources and faster work permits for illegal aliens in an effort to lessen the impact of the influx of so-called “newcomers.” Those governments and municipalities have often highlighted their friendlier stance toward illegal aliens, and some have even conceded that this stance may be boosting migration.

Meanwhile, Republicans have demanded more border control and imposed restrictions on who may enter the country, blaming the actions of the Biden administration for making the situation far worse.