Ron DeSantis Just Got a Major Endorsement

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is far behind Donald Trump in polls for the Republican presidential nomination, but it does look like he will receive a big endorsement that could boost his chances.

Kim Reynolds, the very popular governor of Iowa, is reportedly going to endorse DeSantis as the GOP nominee this week, something that could increase his chances of capturing the nomination – despite being very far behind Trump.

Reynolds is extremely powerful in Iowa and is very influential, too. She initially said that she wasn’t going to endorse any candidates before the causes take place in Iowa, but she’s apparently changed her mind.

DeSantis has spent a lot of time and money in Iowa in an attempt to win the state, and it looks like all that effort is paying off in the form of Reynolds’ endorsement.

Over the summer, Reynolds made a comment on Fox News that Iowa voters weren’t going to give Trump a pass for not attending some major caucus events in Iowa. At the time, Shannon Beam, the host of the Fox News program, said that any endorsement from Reynolds would be seen as a “game changer” for presidential candidates.

In fact, Iowa Republicans actually view Reynolds more favorably than any of the GOP candidates for president. So, who she supports could easily become the person who the majority of Republican voters in the state end up supporting in the caucuses.

NBC News recently said that Reynolds’ endorsement would be a “major boost” for DeSantis’ campaign, and the local Des Moines Register called it “an enormous win.”

The local newspaper reported:

“Reynolds plans to speak at DeSantis’ pre-debate rally Monday as well as a Davenport meet-and-greet Tuesday morning. She will then fly to Miami to help fundraise around Wednesday’s debate.”
DeSantis has spent a lot of time campaigning in Iowa, going to 87 of the state’s 99 total counties thus far. His campaign says they are further ahead of securing commitments from key people who are going to caucus for him than Republican candidates who ended up winning the presidential primary in the state over the last few election cycles.

DeSantis certainly understands how important a Reynolds endorsement is for his chances in the state – and maybe in the entire race. Last month, he said that it would be “huge get” for him if he were able to convince Reynolds to endorse him.

He said:

“I think what she’s been able to do in Iowa has really been a model for how people should govern. Clearly, I think she could have a really significant impact. And I think any candidate running would be a fool not to want to have the support of Reynolds.”

DeSantis has long focused in on Reynolds in his courtship of various prominent Republicans throughout the country. He’s gone to bat for her too, defending her against Trump, who has attacked Reynolds and accused her of not being loyal enough to him.