Ron DeSantis Is Going After “Woke” Companies With New Investigations

( Popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is leading the way not just in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic and maintaining a strong, functioning economy, but he’s even showing the country how to deal with woke American businesses and influence from the Chinese Communist Party.

Following a recent meeting, Governor DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody, and Chief Financial Officer for Florida Jimmy Patronis announced that the state of Florida is planning to investigate all state holdings in Chinese companies with the intention of retaking control of its shareholder proxy voting away from “ideology-crazes investment funds.”

Moody, Patronis, and DeSantis are the three members of the Florida Board of Trustees, and every single one just voted to revoke proxy voting that was formerly granted to fund managers. The three also clarified that those fund managers can only act within the financial interest of Florida’s funds, and announced that there will be a survey of Florida’s Retirement System’s investments to see just how much money is invested in Chinese companies.

In other words, Florida will not be funding businesses that promote woke extremism or which have deep connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

In a statement, DeSantis said that many major American companies have behaved horribly when challenged by the Chinese Communist Party, regularly censoring what the Chinese Communist Party tells them to censor and even issuing groveling apologies.

DeSantis also said that allowing China into the World Trade Organization and giving them the most favored nation status was a “failed” experiment that has endangered the United States’ national and economic security.

Moody also stated that Chinese government control and influence over businesses that operate in China “should be a source of concern for anyone investing there.”

Florida is truly leading the way in America First policy.