Ron DeSantis In New Ad: “Decline Is A Choice” 

( Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican in Florida, launched a new digital commercial on Sunday night, calling for conservatives to fight for freedom in light of a possible presidential bid in 2024. 

The ad paraphrases Mark Twain and says, in effect, that when everyone went mad and common sense wasn’t so common any longer, Florida was an oasis of sanity, a home for freedom for Americans and everyone on the planet. 

Several prominent Fox News personalities appear in the commercial to praise DeSantis’ record as governor of Florida. 

In the video, DeSantis said the flailing federal establishment had hampered Florida’s success in Washington, DC. They have been on an inflationary spending spree that has made our country weaker and poorer folks.  

Lockdowns, regulations, and mandates have been implemented. It has irresponsibly opened our border. Due to this, many people have a negative outlook on the nation’s future. 

The message continues by saying many would go so far as to suggest that failure is inevitable. But he says the state of Florida exemplifies that “we the people” are not doomed to failure. 

DeSantis follows by elaborating on his administration’s successes in the state, such as the state’s rapid economic expansion and its top rankings in educational freedom, economic liberty, and the quality of its public higher education. 

“Success can be yours,” DeSantis says. It’s important to remember that freedom has a price. He also says that “decline is a choice.” 

Jesse Watters appears in the video and says that DeSantis takes a lot of heat for his convictions, but he doesn’t back down. 

Dana Perino says in the video that DeSantis makes promises, and he is good at his promises. He wins. 

Fox News Channel personality says this is why liberals oppose Gov. DeSantis. It’s because he is a winner. 

It certainly seems presidential. An announcement appears imminent.