Ron DeSantis Goes To War With White House, Attacks Biden Administration

( As a general rule, Democrats are used to Republican politicians who surrender. In fact, much of their political strategy depends on badgering Republicans until they either cave under media pressure or scramble to “reach across the aisle” and “find common ground.”

But there is a new breed of Republican that the Democrats just cannot hector into submission no matter how hard they try.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is just such a Republican.

Over the last couple of weeks, President Biden and the rest of the inept goobers at the White House have tried their go-to Attack Republican into submission tactics against DeSantis and not only have they completely failed to make a dent, DeSantis has fired back so expertly, the White House doesn’t quite know how to deal with it.

During a press event on August 2, President Biden denounced both Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott for what he claimed were the bad policies of not mandating masks or vaccinations.

Biden, who fancies himself a bit of a tough guy, demanded DeSantis and Abbott either do as he demands or “get out of the way of people who are trying to do the right thing.”

Clearly Biden, who after forty-plus years is used to Republicans caving under tough guy talk, didn’t take into account that Ron DeSantis isn’t a Gentleman Loser like Mitt Romney or Asa Hutchinson.

DeSantis quickly responded to Biden’s accusations with what can only be described as an epic takedown.

After delivering remarks on Florida’s economy, DeSantis closed by dismantling Biden’s COVID response brick-by-brick – telling Biden repeatedly, that if he is coming after the freedom of Floridians, then DeSantis is going to stand in his way.

Not used to such pushback from Republicans, the White House didn’t quite know how to deal with this complete dismantling of incompetent Joe.

After DeSantis’s response, a reporter tried to ask Biden about what DeSantis said. Not able to hit back, the cognitively-impaired president pretended he didn’t know who DeSantis was – as if such a junior high school response would get the better of a man like Ron DeSantis.

Sure, reporters loved it – laughing at Biden’s “Governor who?” But that’s mostly because White House reporters are just as immature as the president they cover.

But unlike Biden, who only pretends to be a tough guy, Ron DeSantis showed Biden just what “tough” looks like:

One America News did a brief report on the White House/DeSantis battle last Sunday. Watch it HERE.

Lost in all this political posturing from the White House is the simple fact that DeSantis is barring mask mandates, not mask-wearing. As he has said on multiple occasions, Florida parents are more than welcome to send their children to school in a mask if they so choose. DeSantis was only preventing districts from forcing parents to do it.