Ron DeSantis Caught Lying About His Recent Endorsement

The Never Back Down PAC associated with Ron DeSantis spread false information that New Hampshire Representative Lisa Smart had switched her backing from Donald Trump to DeSantis. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Smart said she backed Donald Trump for president and did not endorse Ron DeSantis.

Smart said she was incredibly proud to stand with many of her colleagues to endorse former President Donald J. Trump last month, and her support for him has not changed. 

She said she was “appalled” by the games DeSantis’ PAC seems to be playing. Because of Never Back Down’s false claim about her, she won’t participate in any activities organized by Ron DeSantis.

The campaign for President Donald Trump responded to allegations that Team DeSantis had misled Republican voters by posting a tweet that linked to Smart’s statement and included the title “Community Notes: Fake News.” It was discovered that Team DeSantis had been lying. Extremely dubious. The evidence is right here.

Alex Bruesewitz remarked on the attempts at deceit made by Team DeSantis in an article he wrote, in which he explained to his social media followers that DeSantis’ super pac claimed a New Hampshire representative, Lisa Smart, had switched her backing of Trump to DeSantis. 

Smart has come forth and stated that the DeSantis super pac has been lying and that she will always support Trump. 

Bruesewitz then called Team DeSantis “scum.”

Even NBC News reporter Amanda Terkel was taken aback by the deception perpetrated by Team DeSantis, saying in a fantastic development,  one of the women who was listed as endorsing Ron DeSantis has now come forward and stated that she would be voting for Trump and not DeSantis. 

“What the heck is going on?!” she asked.

According to polling conducted for the Republican primary in New Hampshire, Donald Trump maintains a lead of more than 20 points over Ron DeSantis. Trump also just held a town hall and a rally in the state, both very successful. Because of these facts, many people believe that Team DeSantis has sunk to lying to the Republican voters in New Hampshire.

Suppose Team DeSantis is willing to mislead the voters about support from state representatives. In that case, it raises the question of what else the team is ready to deceive Republican voters about.