Ron DeSantis Attacks Trump’s Message Of Praise

After President Trump’s admiration of the “murderous dictator” Kim Jong Un, Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, increased his criticism of the president.

DeSantis met Paul Steinhauser and Rich Edson of Fox News as he was in Iowa launching his 2024 presidential campaign. When questioned about Trump congratulating Kim on North Korea’s nomination to the WHO’s executive board, DeSantis responded, “I was surprised to see that.”

The governor of Florida has made it clear that he considers Kim Jong Un an oppressive tyrant. The tyrant’s latest life sentence for an entire family, including a baby, is appalling. He blasted Kim Jong Un and questioned our decision to heed WHO recommendations. 

DeSantis said that the United States should not take pleasure in the dictator’s membership in the WHO. Instead, we should distance ourselves from the organization and work to overturn things like the WHO’s lockdown mandate.

Dr. Jong Min Pak, the North Korean minister of public health, has been invited to join the World Health Organization’s executive board, where he will serve until 2026, prompting Trump’s recent expressions of respect for Kim. An exclamation of “Congratulations to Kim Jung (sic) Un!” was given by Trump.

Former VP Mike Pence made a similar admonishment. He condemned Trump’s backing for Kim, telling reporters, “This is a time when we ought to make it clear to the world that we stand for freedom, and we stand with those who stand for freedom.” Pence is considering running against Trump in 2024. 

Trump’s opponent in 2024, Nikki Haley, recently told Fox News that she thinks it’s weird to congratulate a criminal. She warned that this criminal posed a grave threat to the United States. North Korea has many times posed a danger to our partners. 

As far as Haley is concerned, he is a bad guy. His treatment of people and staff members is horrible. He is unkind to our foreign allies. Similarly, she doesn’t think he is worthy of any praise.