Rogue Democrat Senator Busts Up Biden’s Plans For His Agenda

( After weeks of Chuck Schumer’s posturing that the Senate would change the filibuster rules to ram through the unconstitutional election power-grab, the Democrats ran into a brick wall last Thursday when Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin flatly refused to support the plan.

This was not a shock.

For nearly a year both Sinema and Manchin have said they did not support getting rid of the filibuster rule. Anybody with half a brain knew Schumer’s bloviating was nothing more than an attempt to toss the far-Left base a bone.

In a floor speech Thursday, Senator Sinema outlined all the arguments she has made in the past for why she won’t support getting rid of the filibuster. And in her speech, Sinema noted that she has made all these arguments countless times before.

Sinema argued that losing the 60-vote threshold will “guarantee that we lose a critical tool that we need to safeguard our democracy.”

Chuck Schumer knew months ago that he didn’t have the 51 votes necessary to change the Senate rules. But with the Senate Democrats’ failure to pass Biden’s “Build Back Better” welfare bill, Schumer needed to give the leftwing base something. So he went through with the filibuster charade knowing full well it would fail.

Of course, that isn’t stopping the American corporate media, the far-Left progressives in the House, or even Joe Biden from venting their rage over Sinema and Manchin’s refusal to nuke the filibuster.

The dirty secret here is this was all for show. All of it.

The Democrats just don’t have the votes in the Senate to change the rules and Chuck Schumer knows it.

And his decision to press ahead on killing the filibuster was to give the base the impression that Senate Democrats are doing something, anything, to make them happy.

In her floor speech, Sinema voiced support for the Democrats’ election power-grab. Like every other Democrat, she blasted states whose legislatures have passed election integrity laws and said “threats to American democracy is real.”

However, Sinema isn’t willing to destroy the filibuster to pass the Democrats’ so-called “voting rights” legislation. Instead, she urged Democrats to sit down with Republicans and find common ground.

But there is no common ground.