Roger Stone Given Head Role At Group Urging Trump To Run In 2024

( Bobby Jeffries, an America First supporter and former candidate for the U.S. Congress, established the “National Draft Donald J. Trump 2024 Committee” to organize Trump backers around the country.

Jeffries, a Trump supporter since 2016, thinks Donald Trump is the only candidate who can lead the Republican Party to a decisive victory in 2024. The committee hopes to unite all America-First Republicans behind Trump so that the outgoing president would know he has a strong grassroots Conservative support base in the forthcoming election.

The Draft Trump Committee believes the Trump MAGA movement is still strong and won’t go away anytime soon. The committee is assembling petitions from Americans expressing their devotion to Donald Trump to persuade the former president to run in 2024.

To let Donald Trump know that Americans are still supporting him despite attacks from Mike Pence, Liz Cheney, and other Trump-grifters, these petitions with millions of signatures will be delivered directly to him.

According to Jeffries, who recently spoke with National File, our country is disintegrating like a rickety old house. Trump is the only one who can secure our southern border, re-establish law and order, and revive the economy.

Jeffries thinks the Republican Party cannot be relied upon to back Trump, given how timid and weak they are. His group wants to make it evident to Trump that the America First movement is still strong and has support.

In and around Trump’s hometown of West Palm Beach, the Draft Trump Committee will run television commercials and digital billboard ads to promote Trump’s loyal support base.

“RUN, TRUMP, RUN” is the committee’s advice to the former president.

Jeffries will utilize any funds his group raises to create an infrastructure to protect Trump from coordinated media and Democrat attacks, in contrast to other avaricious Super PACs that attempt to raise money off Trump’s name before stabbing him in the back.

The committee plans to defend Trump in competitive states nationwide by opposing any baseless legal actions brought against him.

Roger Stone, an activist for America First and Trump’s presidential advisor, is a strategic advisor to the Draft Trump committee. Stone reaffirmed his steadfast belief in Donald Trump’s ability to run for president in 2024 and make the “biggest political and economic comeback of all time.”

Learn how you can participate in their pro-Trump activity by visiting their website.