RNC Requires New Rule Change That Could End Presidential Debates

(PresidentialWire.com)- The Republican Party is finally taking real action against the biased Commission on Presidential Debates, warning that the ultimate Republican presidential candidate may not actually participate in any debates organized by the commission.

A letter sent by the Republican National Committee just warned that candidates may be subject to a new rule requiring them to sign a pledge that states they will not take part in debates organized by the commission, which has been widely criticized for allowing biased questioning.

If the warning becomes a reality, then it will be the most significant change to the way election debates are facilitated for the last 30 years, when the commission first started organizing the events.

The far-left New York Times newspaper said that should the Republican National Committee go ahead with the plan, it would be “unclear what that would mean for future debates.”

Left-wing activists and Democrats would no doubt be likely to say that no debates would go ahead, seemingly oblivious to the fact that debates could be organized with the help of other non-biased institutions or organizations.

However, it also seems possible that the Democrats would refuse to play ball and reject any other debates entirely. All they’ll need to do is wrongly claim that Republicans refuse to engage in debates and conveniently gloss over the fact that Republicans only take issue with the organization that runs them.

Imagine if we end up in a situation in 2024 where Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee and Donald Trump is the Republican nominee…

It could be a 2016 rematch, but this time without the debates. Hillary would love it, and the Democrats would probably be fine with it too.