Rittenhouse’s Mother Says Her Son Feels Remorse

(PresidentialWire.com)- On Sunday, in an interview with Fox News reporter Alexis McAdams, Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother discussed the emotional acquittal of her son.

Wendy Rittenhouse told McAdams that Kyle’s acquittal isn’t about “winning or losing.” Ultimately there are still two people who are dead. Wendy explained that her son feels remorse over what happened that night in August, adding that if he knew what was going to happen, he never would’ve gone there.

Asked what will be in store for Kyle now that the trial is behind him, his mother said he hopes to go to college, “to play with his dog” and have a chance to be a “normal kid.” Though, Wendy concedes that may be difficult because so many people “want to hurt him.”

Watch the interview HERE.

Despite being acquitted on all the charges, the danger to Kyle Rittenhouse is far from over. For more than a year, the media, politicians, Hollywood celebrities, and radical activists have fomented violence and hatred against the teen which has only grown in intensity both during and after his trial.

MSNBC hosts Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross spent the entire trial slandering and defaming Rittenhouse. After his acquittal, Cross referred to the 18-year-old as “this little murderous White Supremacist.”

Even a member of the Democrat House leadership, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries demanded during the trial that Kyle be locked up and “throw away the key.”

The media actively ginned up outrage nightly without a thought for how their demagoguery might put Rittenhouse’s life at risk.

During his sit-down interview with Kyle Rittenhouse on Monday, Tucker Carlson brought up the countless threats against him and asked if he was confident that the government would protect him in the wake of his acquittal.

Kyle said he hoped they would, “but we all know how the FBI works.”