Riley Gaines To Testify Before House On Biden’s Harmful Agenda

A House Oversight subcommittee is set to hold a hearing next week, bringing together Riley Gaines, NCAA swimming champion, and other prominent women leaders. The hearing, titled “The Importance of Protecting Female Athletics and Title IX,” aims to address the Biden administration’s proposed changes to Title IX, specifically the expansion of the definition of sexual discrimination to include gender identity.

Scheduled for Tuesday, December 5, at 2 p.m., the hearing will explore the potential implications of the proposed change in Title IX rules, preventing schools and colleges from banning transgender athletes from participating in sports. Congresswoman Lisa McClain, the chairwoman of the House Oversight Subcommittee on Health, emphasized the need to protect women’s sports, stating that the Biden administration’s current proposals put women’s privacy, safety, and opportunities at risk.

Riley Gaines, a vocal media champion for women’s sports, will be one of the witnesses at the hearing. Gaines has previously expressed concerns about male-to-female transgender athletes competing against women. In June, she strongly criticized the Title IX proposed rule change during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, describing it as an “abomination” that equates sex with gender identity. Gaines highlighted the potential consequences of the policy, such as men living in dorm rooms with women, accessing female-only spaces, and taking away scholarships from women athletes.

The House hearing takes place amid ongoing controversies concerning women’s organizations and the inclusion of transgender individuals. Cheryl Tuck-Smith and Patsy Levang, both alumni of Kappa Kappa Gamma, faced expulsion from the sorority for backing a lawsuit seeking the removal of a transgender member. Despite being ousted, Levang, a former president of the Kappa Kappa Gamma National Foundation, expressed her disappointment and committed to persisting in her advocacy. Tuck-Smith, similarly disheartened, declared her intention to educate others about what she perceives as the potential “risks” associated with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

With the upcoming hearing, Congress aims to gather firsthand accounts from witnesses like Riley Gaines, shedding light on how these proposed rule changes could negatively impact fairness and protection for women in sports nationwide. The discussion around Title IX and transgender inclusion continues to spark debates and calls for safeguarding women’s sports.