Retiring Democrat Slams Party On How It Turned Against Rural Voters

( The Democrats of old and the Democrats of today are very different breeds, and that was made very clear by retiring Tennessee Rep. Jim Cooper, a Democrat, who just lashed out at his party’s attitude toward rural voters.

During an interview with Nashville Scene, cooper talked about the Democrats’ chances of winning more seats in Tennessee in the future.

He said that the Democrats’ strategy to change the minds of rural voters in his state is “blind hope.”

“Many of the folks you’re probably listening to have probably never visited these counties…they’re not kin to these folks. Their best friends don’t live out there,” he said.

Cooper added that politicians in Nashville, and people in Nashville generally, don’t realize just how many kindred spirits there are out in the rural communities who feel “trapped” by Republicans representing them – suggesting that voters are there for the picking, so long as the Democrats actually start engaging with rural voters.

He also suggested that the swing against former President Donald Trump in the last election was a result of the fact that “more educated folks” in rural parts of the state weren’t attracted to his policies. But he also said that the Democrats haven’t taken any steps to “capitalize” on it.

“What outreach do we have to Republicans and independents?” he asked rhetorically, adding that the only thing Democrats are doing is doubling down.

Cooper is right to say that’s not the way to win votes, but if he thinks that Democrats just need to “communicate” better with these voters then…he’s wrong.

How do you think Democrats would fare if they start knocking on doors in rural Tennessee preaching Critical Race Theory in schools and carbon taxes?

Perhaps the Democrats should be rethinking their policies and not just their attitudes if they hope to maintain control of Congress.