Republicans Unite To Slam FBI After New “Twitter Files” Provide Evidence

( Republican lawmakers are vowing to get answers from the FBI after the recent Twitter Files reports revealed the bureau’s involvement in Twitter’s censorship of so-called “election misinformation” as well as its involvement in discrediting the New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

In Part Six of the Twitter Files, independent journalist Matt Taibbi provided internal communications between the FBI and Twitter executives showing instances where the FBI was alerting Twitter about accounts it believed violated Twitter’s terms of service on election misinformation.

In his Twitter thread, Taibbi explained that the FBI had assigned 80 agents to comb through tweets. Flagged tweets were then sent to Twitter with requests that they take action against the account.

In a follow-up tweet later on Friday, Taibbi noted that rather than chase child predators or terrorists, “the FBI has agents – lots of them – analyzing and mass-flagging social media posts,” not in relation to a criminal investigation, “but as a permanent, end-in-itself surveillance operation.”

After Part Six was released, Florida Republican Matt Gaetz said in a tweet that he and fellow Judiciary Committee Republicans Jim Jordan, Andy Biggs, Mike Johnson, and Dan Bishop plan to question the FBI about the Twitter Files’ revelations.

Congressman Biggs quote-tweeted Gaetz’s tweet, adding “We’ll leave no stone unturned.”

Gaetz said in a later tweet that “serious reshaping” was necessary at the FBI, adding that the bureau “is designing what u see so they can control what you think & how u behave.”

In an interview on Fox News, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy accused the bureau of “weaponizing American businesses to go after American citizens.”

Congressman James Comer, the incoming chair of the House Oversight Committee, told Fox’s Sean Hannity that the revelations disclosed in the Twitter Files would also be a top priority for his committee when the new Congress begins.

Comer said the Twitter Files reveal that the “FBI had its own ministry of propaganda.” He said anyone, Republican or Democrat, who cares about freedom of speech “should be outraged.”