Republicans Cheer “USA” After Winsome Sears’ Victory

( Since Tuesday’s election, members of the corporate news media, led by the race hustlers from MSNBC, have been screeching endlessly that the Republicans’ victory in Virginia was all about racism and white supremacy.

Because apparently, choosing one white guy over another white guy is all about hating black people.

Leading the charge of racism is MSNBC’s bigoted host Joy Reid.

Reid has spent the last several days accusing Virginia voters of embracing white supremacy while claiming Youngkin used “dog whistles” to lure the racists to his side.

Of course, the claims of racism make no sense.

Among the Republicans to win statewide office in Virginia on Tuesday was Jason Miyares. Miyares defeated Democrat incumbent Attorney General Mark Herring, making him the first Hispanic to hold statewide office in Virginia.

Virginia’s Lt. Governor-elect is Republican Winsome Sears. Sears, a former Marine whose family emigrated to the United States from Jamaica in the early 1960s, is the first black woman in history to hold statewide office in Virginia.

If voters in Virginia chose Republicans because of racism and white supremacy, then they did a poor job of it.

But, and this won’t come as a surprise, the race-baiters in the corporate news media, have an explanation. According to them, racists and white supremacists will vote for a minority when that minority echoes their racist rhetoric.

Yeah, really.

On Thursday night, the odious Joy Reid invited Michael Eric Dyson on her program where Dyson proceeded to attack Winsome Sears as a ventriloquist’s dummy for white supremacists.

Can you believe that garbage?

The funny thing is, Winsome Sears offered to come on Joy Reid’s show to speak with her directly:

Joy Reid isn’t “woman enough to do that” because Joy Reid is like every other race-baiting coward on MSNBC. She wants to spew her hatred and her conspiracy theories without ever having to defend them.

Watch Winsome Sears’ victory speech from Tuesday night. Listen to the joyous crowd celebrating her victory with chants of “USA! USA!:”

Does she sound like someone who will get rattled by the race-baiting idiots from MSNBC?