Republicans Catch Armed Criminal During Campaign Event

( Last week, a guy armed with a knife snatched a metal box full of cash and checks from the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan.

The gathering was a fundraiser for Mark McCloskey, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri.

McCloskey gained national attention after a video showed him and his wife armed in front of their St. Louis house during the June 2020 rioting. (The McCloskeys faced felony gun charges but pleaded guilty to lesser violations.)

On Thursday, a guy posing as a maintenance worker robbed a money box in the building’s foyer.

On Wednesday, Metropolitan Club President Ian Walsh Reilly told how other club members stopped the thief and held him until the cops came.

Reilly said he was “basically casing the joint” as a maintenance worker. He pulled up a lockbox, snatched the money, and raced out.

Reilly and two other members tracked the suspect up Lexington Avenue and captured him.

Reilly said it was “sketchy.” You have no idea who you’re working with. The thief was varying his stories.

The club members were detaining the suspect when police came.

The NYPD described his offenses as “multiple.”

61-year-old Gerard Jackson of the Bronx was detained after a battle with a knife. They accused him of robbery, assault, and unlawful weapon possession.
Club members reported $425 stolen. The money was returned.

The Thursday incident would not discourage McCloskey. He said It’s all the more incentive for us to do it if the left’s purpose is to frighten people into staying home and not going out or living their lives.

McCloskey said we must always defend our rights.

In May 2020, McCloskey and his wife Patricia were filmed brandishing firearms outside their home as Black Lives Matter protesters trespassed on private property.

Following this event, McCloskey decided to compete for the Senate seat presently held by Republican Roy Blunt, retiring this year.

McCloskey is back in the news after the robbery at the Republican club.

Reilly criticized the city’s Democratic administration for the rise in violence. He described the city as “lawless” as incidents like this occur.

According to Reilly, Mayor Adams has not kept many of his campaign pledges since taking office.

“The cops are still unaided. Sadly, the city is lawless, and this is our environment,” he continued.

“He went to the wrong club,” Reilly added.