Republican Reveals Risk Of Sending More Aid To Ukraine

A US Senator has warned that sending billions more dollars to Ukraine would not change the reality on the ground in the war-torn nation. Ohio Republican JD Vance, speaking at a security conference in Munich, Germany, said there is no end in sight, and the US does not make enough weapons to continue supplying Ukraine’s troops.

Mr. Vance made the remarks as legislation is stalled in Congress, and the House of Representatives refuses to pass bills aimed at supplying billions to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. Mr. Zelensky was also present at the Munich conference and reiterated his plea for more American assistance. The President spoke as his forces withdrew from the town of Avdiivka amid signs that Russia was making significant advances.

“Unfortunately, keeping Ukraine in the artificial deficit of weapons, particularly in a deficit of artillery and long-range capabilities,” Zelensky said, adding that lack of air defenses has helped Vladimir Putin’s army to weaken his country. “If we have enough air defense systems, we can bring millions of Ukrainians home,” he added.

US Vice President Kamala Harris also addressed the gathering and noted the death of Aleksey Navalny, whose wife was present. Harris said Russia was to blame for his death, which confirmed the “brutality” of the Moscow government. Ms. Harris spoke at length about America’s role on the global stage and said the US is committed to pursuing international justice, but “there are some in the United States who disagree.”

In a swipe at Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans, whom she did not name, the Vice President said their view was short-sighted and dangerous and that America is weakened by those who “embrace dictators” and seek American isolation.

Meanwhile, Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson said he will not be rushed into passing legislation to fund Ukraine. In a behind-closed-doors meeting with GOP lawmakers, Johnson stated the House would express its will but would not be forced to approve the $95 aid package that passed through the Senate in mid-February.