Republican Party Support Surges To Highest Point Since 1995

( An incredible new poll from Gallup shows just how well Republicans are doing during the Joe Biden presidency…and that they really don’t have to do much for it.

The poll showed how support for the GOP has reached its highest level since 1995, achieving a massive 9 percentage point boost since the beginning of the year.

The study showed how some 47% of Americans identified as Republicans at the end of 2021, compared to only 38% at the beginning of 2021. Some 42% of respondents identified as Democrats between October and December of last year, which constituted a seven percentage point drop since the first quarter of 2021.

What does that mean? Well, the longer Joe Biden was in the White House, the more people switched from Democrat to Republican.

And with Democrats running the White House as well as both chambers of Congress, the reaction is mostly to the policies they are enacting – rather than the actions of Republicans. It’s a horrible sign for the Democrats as we approach the 2022 midterm elections.

The news comes as President Joe Biden’s approval rating plummeted to only 33% according to one poll.

One year in office and this is what President Joe Biden has to show for it? It’s going to be a bumpy three more years…

Read the full dataset from the poll here.