Rand Paul Exposes Mass Waste In Federal Programs Going On Behind Closed Doors

(PresidentialWire.com)- As he does every year, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul released his annual “Festivus Report” last week giving a detailed list of some of the most egregiously wasteful government spending during the previous year.

“Festivus” was the holiday invented by the characters from the 1990s sitcom “Seinfeld.” It referred to a day in which people aired their grievances. And every year, Senator Paul uses the day to air grievances to highlight his grievances of wasteful spending by the Federal government.

This year’s Festivus Report includes such moronic spending as a study of pigeons using slot machines, feeding children junk food, fattening eels for human consumption, and teaching the people of Vietnam not to burn their trash.

The government earmarked $4.5 million for grinding up ferrets to develop COVID and flu vaccines. The US spent $250 million on border wall construction. No, not at the US/Mexico border. This money was spent to construct border walls in the Middle East and North Africa.

The State Department spent $179 million to fund green energy programs in Africa, while the Department of Defense spent $773 million so foreign countries could use US aircraft free of charge for four years. The Department of Defense also spent $549 million buying planes in Afghanistan that were later scrapped.

US taxpayers also funded the planting of trees in New York City to the tune of $400 million. New York City also used $25 million in COVID relief money for art projects throughout the city. What do art projects have to do with COVID relief? Who knows?

Senator Paul’s Festivus Report also makes note that the Social Security Administration paid beneficiaries $4.2 billion in overpayments in Fiscal Year 2019.

Paul’s seventh annual Festivus Report reveals that the government spent a total of over $52 billion on wasteful spending — $52,598,515,585 to be exact. According to Senator Paul, this amounts to $15,332 for each taxpaying American.

You can read Senator Paul’s entire 2021 Festivus report HERE.