Rachel Maddow Has Problem On National TV

(PresidentialWire.com)- Extreme-left “news” anchor Rachel Maddow, one of the few characters on left-wing news networks who can attract a somewhat respectable audience, struggled with tech problems during her Friday night broadcast last week.

During the show, the controversial, smug, and radical host appeared after Chris Hayed finished his show, in which he claimed that Republicans are “broken.” It’s by no means the worst smear of Republicans and conservatives from the network, but they soon realized that there was something broken on their set, too.

As Maddow began talking and thanking viewers for joining her on Friday night, she noticed an audible echo of her voice.

She then asked the control room if they are getting a “weird thing” on her audio.

“I’m getting kind of like a double,” she said, before the network face seven embarrassing seconds of silence as she listened to people in her earpiece.


She said that she has a “backup audio thing” behind her that she should turn off, before saying, “you can hear me fine at home now? Ok, good, let’s start that again, ready to go?”

Okay, so let’s be fair here…every network faces trouble like this at some point. So it’s not Maddow’s fault or her network’s fault.

It is their fault, however, that they willingly published a segment before Maddow appeared by Chris Hayes in which he smeared Republicans as broken, and that they allowed Maddow to continually push conspiracy theories about former President Donald Trump.

What excuse do they have for that?

You can watch the clip of the audio failing here.