Queen Elizabeth Suspects Someone Killed Princess Diana, Statement Suggests

(PresidentialWire.com)- According to a new book, the Queen’s immediate response after learning of Princess Diana’s death in a vehicle accident was to say, “someone must have greased the brakes.”

The assertion is made in Andrew Morton’s novel ‘The Queen,’ which is now being serialized in the Daily Mail newspaper.

Diana was murdered in a vehicle accident at the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris in August 1997, as her driver was attempting to outrun following photographers.

“Someone must have greased the brakes,” Queen Elizabeth allegedly said after learning that Diana had just fractured her arm and had walked away from the disaster.

According to Morton, the Queen’s reaction shocked and surprised her servants, who’d rarely heard her use such common language.

“Did the Queen hint that Diana was a target?” Morton wonders.

According to the official explanation, the accident was caused by a mix of risky driving and Henri Paul’s intoxication. However, conspiracy theories about the vehicle accident have been circulating since the night it occurred.

Many people wonder why the tunnel security cameras failed, if a white Fiat Uno was involved, why there was a peculiar flash before the collision, and why Diana took so long to get to the hospital.

Many stories have surfaced over the years as to why Diana was assassinated as a consequence of a Royal Family conspiracy, including worries that her Muslim boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, would pollute their lineage.

In 2007, a handwritten letter sent by Diana to her butler Paul Burrel was uncovered, in which Diana alleged that Prince Charles was conspiring to kill her.

According to Diana’s letter, which was sent in October 1993, her husband was “planning an accident with my automobile.”